borned in Hong Kong 1981 dec, younger son of two typical Hong Kong middle class couple. Never stopped crying as an infant (my grandma told me i used to cry about 3 times a day) lived in a greenhouse family until the age of 13, when i got sent to the UK for secondary education. learnt survival of the fittest and how to disobey in a dog eat dog environment, male school boarding house.

came back HK for Uni, architecture, 6 years later. had a hard time re-adapting the hierachical system. Tried to escape back to UK after the degree, but realized my love for Hong Kong has rooted deep in. At the moment, trying to finish my master of architecture in HKU.

24 years of being, haven't yet reached a milestone.

gotta make haste.


drift, work without pressure, lots of sleep, junk food, Quentin Tarantino, rhizome, Jostein Gaarder, Rem Koolhaas, Radiohead, Hong Kong, Travelling, Photography, Sing!